Look Mom… NO HANDS!

Taking a selfie... because I have a free hand

If you are a parent, you’ve probably done the whole bottle hold under the chin because your phone is ringing or you dropped the remote changing the channel while you are feeding the baby. How many times have we said to ourselves – I wish there was something that would hold the bottle right here for me?! Well, there is and I used it for the first time last night… and I read to Landon WHILE I was feeding him his bottle. He LOVED it.

My first product review is a good one – it’s The Beebo. It is literally everything you imagine it is. You just throw it over your shoulder (same side as the baby’s head), stick the bottle in, turn the little circle thing to get it in the right spot, and that’s it! It took me a couple tries to figure out the perfect position, but when I did – it. was. awesome.

It’s $35 (great shower gift price) and is available online… with FREE SHIPPING. (I hate paying for shipping for anything, so I am a big fan of this.)


I Answer Miss Universe Final Questions in One Sentence


Why is this segment last? Shouldn’t it be the most important. It’s obviously the best part… here’s my take on the questions asked at Miss Universe 2015 – in one sentence. This was difficult. Not because of the questions – because of the people asking the questions whether it be their accent or terrible delivery. In my opinion, most of the answers were so bad the transcripts of them may be more entertaining than this… and I do believe one contestant answered in one sentence.

1.) If you were given 30 seconds to give a message to the global terrorists, what would you say?

Find a hobby and promote something you love instead of bashing something you hate.

2.) What’s the biggest change you’d like to see for young women in the next generation?

Please stop taking selfies with duck lips because you look really dumb.

3.) If you could remove the swimsuit competition from the Miss Universe pageant would you. Why or why not?

No, because I am like 6 feet tall with an amazing body and you should all see it since I worked so hard for it and blah blah blah…

4.) 1 out of 3 women will experience violence in her lifetime. What can we do to get that number down?

Stop ignoring it and do something about it or it’s going to keep happening.

5.) What can women learn from men?

Teach some women how to let things go and not act like middle school girls their entire lives.

Facebook Question: What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?

Our ability to help others all over the world in times of need… and make awesome movies in Hollywood.

What Really Happens Behind the Scenes

People think when you’re on TV, you have hair and makeup standing by, and someone is there telling you what to say, and you’re just a face on TV – someone else did all the work. Not true. At least in my case. Yes, I did have professional hair and makeup done – but only a handful of times. Sometimes people wrote things for me to say while I anchored, but as a reporter, not so much. And it is A LOT of work – especially as a reporter, outside, in August, in South Florida! So, let me fill you in on some things you don’t know and don’t see.

heat repeat 2

If you’re a reporter, you’re lucky if you have access to a bathroom. Many times you’re stuck out in some place you don’t want to be… holding it. One time, I was doing a story outside the American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat play. Nothing was going on at this time, so the main parts of the arena were closed. I was visibly six months pregnant and really had to go. I had a baby pushing on my bladder for goodness sake. Do you know, the ladies working the office in the AAA told me I could not use the bathroom because it was not for public use?! Even after I told them who I was and what I was doing there… they told me to WALK AROUND THE ENTIRE BUILDING (in my heels mind you) to find a public bathroom. Sidenote: The AAA is not a small building to walk around. On the other hand, many strangers in random neighborhoods have been kind enough to let me use their facilities.

When we’re at crime scenes, which we are a lot, we become detectives and have the whole thing solved by the end of our live shot.

Cime Scene

Speaking of crime scenes, I have accidentally stepped in more blood than you’d like to know.

When you photobomb our live shots, you are only making yourself look like an ass. I look fine. If I ever went to your job and started jumping and yelling behind you whenever you started talking, people would send me somewhere for a mental evaluation. You’re an idiot.

If you can’t see my feet – assume I’m wearing flip flops, because I probably am.


For everyone who gets mad at reporters for the stories we cover, take it up with someone else. We are the bottom of the barrel. We take orders. We do what we are told. Call the boss to complain. The last thing we want to do is stick a mic in someone’s face on the worst day of their life and ask them to tell to us about it. Someone behind a desk who doesn’t have to do that, makes us to do that. It’s not fun.

The hardest working people in this business are the ones who make us look good – the photographers. I can’t say enough nice things about them. Not only are they the hardest working, but they are the ones the crazies run after and try to hit when they don’t want to be on camera after breaking the law. Allegedly.

umbrella man with eric

Many times, we don’t have a photographer. We are the ones shooting what you see, then we jump in front of the camera and shoot ourselves!


The camera really does add 10 pounds. I think it may also make us taller. In the studio, we stand on boxes to look taller and so you can see the pretty set at the perfect level behind us. Maybe that’s why  us TV people do appear smaller in real life, unless you know us personally – then we look the same.

felix pic

We get yelled at by a lot of people and blamed for a lot things. None of which has to do with us really. We are just the messengers. When you start out in the business, you care about that. Then after about a week or two – you’re numb to it.

When you’re standing in a hurricane and nearly blowing away, you’re also watching your photographers back to make sure nothing flies his way.


At the end of the day, I have been known to have about 10 layers of powder on my face.

Everyone has fallen asleep in a news car. Everyone has felt the fear of tipping over in a live truck.

Even though we act like we want the Miami Heat to win the National Championship, we don’t. Why? Because that means lots of overtime many of us won’t get paid for, pots and pans being banged in your ear on live TV for hours at a time… while being pushed and shoved by drunk idiots until the wee hours of the morning. Then, when that special report that lasted until 1:30am is over – you can’t leave because the traffic jam has turned Bird Road into a Reggaeton concert. Then, a couple of days later, there’s the damn parade in 100 degree weather. (Can you tell I’m speaking from experience?) It’s one of those things that’s fun the first 30 minutes or so, then… But I still have a smile on my face 🙂

heat repeatheat parade

Up until the time you see us on air, we are talking to someone beside us… stopping just in time to appear like we were cool, calm can collected just waiting for the camera to roll.

When a producer is standing up in the control room, stay back. Standing = stressing.

Even we think we look stupid standing in the dark in front of a place you can’t see where nothing is happening behind us. Again, we don’t make these decisions.

live in the dark

If you are in a newsroom and there is food nearby, and it’s free – it will be gone in five seconds. Literally. (And when there is food in the newsroom and an email goes to all employees saying “Because of our long day with the hurricane/election/whatever it is coverage, we ordered everyone pizza,” reporter and photographers get really pissed… because we’re not there for it. We are standing in the hurricane/voting booth/wherever – starving.)

I’ve never been in a newsroom where the floor of the studio is cleaned on a regular basis.


Many times, all of the reporters and photographers are standing inches away from each other, doing the same live shot, at the same time. We are all talking over each other. (And some reporters are yellers.) It’s somewhat distracting.

Even though we are working for different stations and compete on air for ratings, we are the best of friends in real life.

with lauren in fieldwith kevin in field

And when David Beckham comes into town, look out! And make sure you look good too 😉

behind the scenes of david beckhamdavid beckham


My Magical Mascara

This. Is. It. I have found the perfect mascara and I am OBSESSED with it.

Like many, I fell for the bright colors Maybelline and Cover Girl advertise. The big, chunky wands and packaging. The fun names of the different products. None of that matters – especially the commercials that clearly show the model wearing fake lashes. Does anyone really believe the mascara does that anyway?!

Well, my life changed when I opened up Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara. Weeks before I finally ordered it, I kept seeing one friend post about this stuff on her Facebook wall. Over and over. Every single day. (I understand why now that I am a Younique presenter now.) Finally, I decided to buy it. It was $29. Plus tax and shipping. I’m a deal maker and I HATE paying for shipping, but for this so called magic mascara, I made an exception. After applying it to one eye – I WAS SHOCKED! It literally looked like I had one eye of lash extensions or false eyelashes. And this was JUST MASCARA! The pictures don’t lie. The video applications don’t lie. This is the real deal.

How does it work? See it in action here, or read this: First of all, it comes in a case that look like expensive sunglasses will be looking at you when you open it. There are two tubes inside: one for the gel and on for the fibers. First, you apply the gel just like you would any other mascara. This is to get your lashes wet. Once they are wet, you open up the fibers and apply them to the tips and ends to lengthen and thicken your lashes. (At first, I was applying the fibers like I would the mascara, going to the base of my lashes… don’t do that. The fibers will get in your eyes, and even though they are natural green tea fibers and won’t hurt you, it’s not comfortable having floaties in your eyes.) Moving on. After the fibers have stuck to your lashes, you put on another coat of the gel. This seals the fibers in place, lets you move your lashes where you want them, and makes them even longer and thicker! It washes off just like any other makeup would – but it is water resistant, so eye makeup remover is needed. Just like another mascara, you replace it when the gel runs dry in about three months. Yes, it is about three times the cost of all my other mascaras, but the difference is also about three times longer and thicker. So worth it!

As embarrassing as it sounds now, the eye to the right is my former favorite mascara by Maybelline. You know, the one in the hot pink and lime green tube. Beside Younique, it looks like I don’t have anything on!


It’s a no brainer. Want to give it a try? I’m so obsessed… I became a presenter. They say find something you love, then figure out a way to get paid for it right?!

Order yours here.

Want to host a party and earn other FREE Younique products? Want to share the mascara love with me and GET PAID TO DO IT? I can help you there too.


Yes, I’m in a Book Club


I know what you are probably thinking. Is she like, 70 years old or something?! Nope. I’m not. I just really like to read. I’ve read my entire life, but really became addicted when I was working in New York City and I took the subway to work – an hour and a half… ONE WAY. I had to do something to kill the time, so I read. (This is also when my obsession with James Patterson began as well. More on that later.)

I started with Nicholas Sparks in high school. I think the Notebook came out my senior year. Then the other man in my life, JP as I’ve nicknamed him, really hooked me. It was either the Alex Cross series or the Women’s Murder Club that I started and couldn’t stop. Since then, I’ve read every single book of his – with the exception of the ones for children, but I CANNOT WAIT until mine are old enough for those! I’m such a fan, one day I drove more than an hour to his favorite local bookstore in West Palm Beach (I’m not a stalker, he posts about it on his Facebook page) to buy two autographed books by him… and I paid full price for these books. I never pay full price. For anything. Ever.

Anyway, one night at my husband’s bosses house, the golf wives as I refer to us, started talking about books we’ve read. It may have started with Gone Girl. We all read the book and couldn’t wait till the movie came out. The four of us all liked to read, so we started our own little book club. No name for it yet, even though we were supposed to come up with something months ago. My vote is three blondes and a brunette with books. The 3 triple B. Cute huh? Well, this is how we decided it would work: We would all suggest a book – either something we’ve read before and liked and wanted the other girls to give a whirl… or something we’ve heard of and wanted to try. We can assign up to four books at a time. To be honest, I’m the slacker in the group and am still catching up on books mentioned in the first meeting. Good thing the blondes are great and don’t care. A couple of months later, depending on our schedules, we all get together and discuss – what we liked, what we didn’t like, etc…

Here is a list of the books we’ve read in our book club so far:
(I’m not going to tell you too much just incase…)

This one reminded me a lot of the situation in Cleveland where three girls were found after a decade of missing, one of them having a child in captivity

Sarah’s Key
A great story about the Holocaust, then 60 years later

How Starbucks Saved My Life
I love a good true story and this one is such a wild story about a successful man’s fall to what you think he would hate, but ends up loving

Reconstructing Amelia
This should be a lifetime movie. If it were the 90s, it would star a 90210 or Saved by the Bell actress. Sidenote: I order my books onto my Kindle from the local library and the waiting list for this one was months. Literally.

The Husband’s Secret
One of my favorites on this list. My mind is still blown by the epilouge. Changes EVERYTHING!

Me Before You
Another one of my favorites on this list. This should be a movie. One of them Hemsworth boys should play Will Traynor. If it was a movie, I’d be afraid to see it… so sad!

(on the list, haven’t gotten to it yet)

The Goldfinch
Talk about a LOOONG book! I quit halfway through and the girls told me… good decision.